power dyne

  1. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza chopper

    Looking for a old chopper style bike to build. Looking for a roller or even just frame.
  2. Eliminator

    1970 Power Dyne project.

    Powerdyne semi chopper mine bike, they were located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Front & rear suspension. Original 6" wheels. Someone put a scrub brake setup on it no doubt when the rear caliper went south or disintegrated. Looks like a Tecumseh 3 1/2 side popper on it now off whatever which...
  3. BruceTheBaldGuy

    rear brake caliper power dyne

    hey guys I'm trying to get it done,taking me forever,can somebody help me out with a rear brake caliper,looks like 1-3/4 to the center of the mounting bolt holes,also the arm has two holes on it for a cable and rod. the sprocket is 1/8 inch,thanks,
  4. Eliminator

    For Sale: 1960s Power Dyne RAIL chopper mini bike

    Hey Guys,, Too many projects have been following me home lately so I thought I would part with this 1960s Power Dyne made in Pawtucket Rhode Island "The Rail" chopper (you guys told me what it was). Bike has a 3hp Briggs and it looks like it has some newer disc brake parts that were put on at...