1. M

    Modified T/C belt

    My Broncco Renegade uses a 5/8" symmetrical belt which seems to be made of unobtanium, the only belt I could find would creep because it was 3/4" wide and too short. What I tried was using an asymmetrical belt for a Manco(?) and drum sanding the angle so it resembled the symmetrical belt that...
  2. P

    T/C driver springs

    I'm using one of the knock off 30 series drivers, and would like like it to engage a little earlier. I have to feather the throttle just to take off easy and most of the time it when it engages, it's faster than I'm used to. I know that Comet offers several springs for different engagement...
  3. Charleygofast

    Rupp what model?

    My son picked this up.It looks like a Roadster but no T/C. there is a chrome clutch cover that says Rupp on it and the frame has the jackshaft mount. It has funky skinny shocks and forks, came with extras including exhaust and another seat (Rupp). Did Rupp make a cheaper T/C less model like...