1. Eastwood45

    Prototype K trike

    Model K trike?
  2. Truckasaurus44

    Finally Got A Trike!!

    Like the tital says, I finally found one. I believe it to be a Baja Nomad or a trisport RTS SL, not sure. The fiberglass is pretty beat up but structurally there enough to ride it. Its very thin and seems to consist of two layers, a textured outer plastic or resin layer that is cracking...
  3. boondocks1953

    Just bought a Heald Super Trike!!

    Just picked up this Heald Super Trike, but DAMN these things are big!! Dont think I'll keep this baby, She dont even fit in the back of the truck! Probably get her running and spin a few brodies in the field then send her on her way. If I had more room I'd keep it but oh well. At least I get to...
  4. alfalfa

    barris trike!!

    I found some pics of the barris trike while surfing the net! plus some of his bikes and chopper!