1. bikerboybenny8

    fallen members???

    I was just reading the yellow jacket build thread, and it said yellowhand passed away.. how many of our other members are no longer with us that we know of?
  2. IJG

    Yellowhand Springer Forks for a 5'' Neck

    Theres a welder in here on OldMiniBikes who does awesome work.:thumbsup: I like his custom springer's.:drool: A Doodlebug will receive the springer if I gain one. Theres a 5'' neck on the Doodlebug I so much desire a set of YellowHand Springers. :freakout: Donate? Sell? Barter/Trade?
  3. M


    wondering if he still machines cranks
  4. 70sVintageTrikes

    Yellowhand Lathe

    Well Guys, I bought the late Yellowhands Lathe.. Im honestly a beginner:confused: Im slowing teaching myself and remembering some stuff Mark taught me on this very lathe from a few trips I made over to his house for him to help me. I doubt I will ever be able to make the cool stuff he did...