1968 Rupp TT-500

Here are a couple photos of the Rupp I picked up from a friend.
Can’t find any numbers in the Tecumseh. Wondering if it’s an H50 and if it’s period correct.
Also, wondering if the brake lever is original:


The engine looks like it could be original (no starter mount, no fuel line holes in the blower housing) but the serial plate is missing and I'm not seeing the lighting coil wires. My guess is someone either replaced the engine or at the very least, replaced the flywheel/coil
Thanks for the reply.
There are 2 wires coming out of the front of the cover. I’ll snap a better pic when I get home.
I tried to find some numbers on the dust cover, but they don’t appear to be present.
Oddly enough, the dust cover appears to be chrome under the orange paint
Been working on the Rupp.
I’ve cleaned all the chrome in evaporust. The stuff is great.

I bought a new seat cover and made a replacement seat base. The original was pretty beat up.