1970 Speedway Scorpion project update

Disassembled my Speedway project and have a couple of interesting observations. They used plastic bushings on steering head instead of ball bearings like on Rupp, etc. Exhaust is 2-piece with slip-on end. "S" pipe with welded on 7-hole muffler. Gas tank strap in not removable unless you drill/cut the rivet on the front loop. This project has turned into a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. THE GOOD - tank is solid, front hydraulic forks not seized, bent or leaking. Frame not cracked at lower front frame tube welds. Original disc brake assys. in great shape, torque converter sheaves and bearings show little or no wear. Forks not bent, swing arm, wheels, bearings in great shape. THE BAD - disassembling the engine, some knucklehead thought that removing the flywheel involves beating on the inside with a hammer and screwdriver/chisel. Worse yet, 2 fins broken and a couple of others bent. Armature plates bent. No worries, I have a few extra of these correct flywheels. THE UGLY - oil sludge in the engine, badly scored crankshaft, cylinder cover, piston, engine cylinder. Well, so much for keeping this mostly all original. As long as the crankshaft has to be replaced, I will probably use a crankshaft and cylinder cover that uses a ball bearing on the PTO(clutch) end. First step is to save the original block - excessive honing or bore oversize.



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I’m glad you have a replacement flywheel. My previous owners decide to put the wrong housing housing is damage pretty good. Good luck with the speedway.