1971-1972 Steens Taco - Super Trail 100, Ceriani Fork teardown help

I recently picked up a 1971 or 1972 Steens Taco - Super Trail 100 Mini Bike in Fewfane, New York on June 1, 2020 it is in pretty good shape. I am just getting starting tearing it down to go threw it. I plan to start on the Ceriani Forks first, but I would like to know if anyone has any pictures of these model Ceriani Forks tore down, so I can see exactly how they come apart. That way I have a better idea of what is going on inside parts wise before I open them up to keep from damaging any parts. I also included a few pictures of the Super Trail 100 Mini Bike the day I purchased it (uncleaned yet), along with the frame Serial Number. The engine & seat are certainly not original but everything else looks legit to me. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time & expertise everyone.


If you need more info or Pictures call me 412 277 5803
Thanks you for help on the information on the Ceriani Forks, Hemi Charger. I did not know that the forks from a Gemini SST 50 Mini Bike were so close to the Ceriani Forks that were used on the Steens Taco - Super Trail 100, F-85 Matterhorn, & T102 model Steens Taco Mini Bikes. After looking for ununassembled Gemini 50 forks pictures here on OldMiniBike.com because of your help, I found out the information that I was curious about the Ceriani Forks. I was pretty sure the chrome part on upper fork tubes unscrewed so that each fork leg could slide out being the bushing & spring holder had to be the largest diameter parts inside the fork tube. But I did not want to try to remove them just in case if they were press on instead to avoid any damage. I'll use some penetration oil on the chrome fork part & give it a few hours of time soaking. Then I'll try my trusty old rubber strap wrench on it & see how easy it comes free. Thanks again for the help.
ceriani forks were used on the larger steens dirt bikes with hodaka engines. the super trail and matterhorn f85 used the gemini sst 50 forks. the rear shocks were ceriani. nice find. you need to get the HS40 and get rid of the 2hp
I would like to find a Tecumseh - HS40 4HP Engine in good shape being that is what came in the Super Trail 100 Mini Bikes & I am going to keep my eyes out for one here in New York state where I live. The little Briggs & Stratton - 2HP Engine came with the Super Trail 100 mini bike I purchased on June 1, 2020 & I will end up using it for another project & is still in great running shape. I also did not know the forks were used from a Gemini - sst 50 mini bike & I thought they were made by Ceriani like the rear shocks, so thanks for pointing out that information to me. For right now I am going to use a left over Predator - 79cc Engine I have till I can hopefully get a hold of a HS40 engine. I am going to try my best to keep everything original as possible but it may take some time to get everything I need. Thanks again for the information on the forks.