1971 speedway silver shadow prototype for sale

I'm putting my speedway silver ahadow up for offers to see what the most I could get for it and maybe sell it inbound6662694693625670470.jpg after I got it I removed them nasty bars on the frame that are not supposed to be there and them shocks and Rupp brake setup and the tecumseh engine as well that was removed inbound8093882674604619691.jpg this is a true speedway silver shadow not a fake has low numbers in the front and under the primer and red paint there is original silver guy I for it from said it had the original tank that had silver shadow on it but they sold that and the front brake and Paul from Ohio had identified the bike to be a real silver shadow real deal make me a offer no low ballers


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Just seeing what people would offer might sell not to interested in selling but the right offer would take it like I can't put a price on it it's a prototype
Why don’t you post it in the classified section. Also you must put a price as per forum rules.