2018 Build-Off?

New here, missed the ‘17 season but have a couple of great projects I’m eager to get into. Will there be an ‘18 build off season? If logistics/labor is an issue I’d be happy to assist.

Thanks all,

brown boonie

Build off starts january 1st. Announcement as to rules, etc. After thanksgiving. Secret item in photos to ensure a january start announced 12/31/17. You can start collecting parts but can not work on the bike until 1/1/18. Keep an eye out. Glad to see a new member wanting to get involved. Thanks.
Hopefully we can get 2 good moderators this year , Poor Mr Pat :laugh:
Hopefully my students can finish a bike this year. They have to earn the right and last year they didn't. I have a new group this year and a couple of bikes that are waiting to be brought back to life.
Pat are you finished with your OldMiniBikes break yet? :laugh: Are you going to do this for a third year?
haha [MENTION=31239]Havasu Dave[/MENTION]. It takes a few months to clear your head after one of those build offs. I actually took the whole summer off....Didn't even ride a mini bike.

I think I am ready to get back to it now though. :thumbsup: