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  • Pay pal is best , what kind of tank ? if you need the stock 97cc engine tank I'll give you one for free , forks I have are black , no worries !
    Hello! My bike is to my eyes looks to be a bright red. Lighter than cherry red though. That sounds pretty reasonable price wise. I am trying to get enough money to pay another guy as well for a gas tank and sprocket. It would be about january 4th or 5th that I could get some money going again. I am home for the holidays visiting family until January 4th so I can not pay money until I am back to my place I am living so I can get the part when you send it. What type of payment do you prefer? I can create a paypal account but did not know if you live anywhere close to Dubuque Iowa. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks and merry Christmas!

    Please let me know if when and if you would be able to part with the forks. I would do the deal after Christmas because I am going home for the holidays and plan to start again on the project after the new year. Would be appreciated if you could hold them for me. Thanks a bunch.
    I'm about positive they will work , I haven't bought one yet to try but the 180mm is basically 7" which is good and they are all China made so I believe the 6-hole bolt pattern will be the same , for $9 buy it I say ! good luck !
    Hey there buddy, I saw on a post that you said a 7" disc brake rotors work on baja db30's. Im just curious if you would be able to tell me if this one would work as I have been struggling to find a disc for quite some time now. Here is the link...
    MTB Bike Bicycle Cycling Stainless 7" Disc Brake Rotors With 6 Bolts 160mm 180mm | eBay

    I hope you can get back to me soon, thank you. Also, if that disc brake doesn't work, can you please suggest to me one that will? Thank you very much.
    Do you still have any of those Foremost Golden Pinto decals left for sale? I am interested in getting Three of them if they are still available.
    Thanks, Jeff
    Thanks Andy , 3" is the magic # I've been looking for . A guy on here ( Lil Indian ) said he had one but would never cough up the dimensions ! One of my electricians that works for me makes sticker , decals, etc. He has shown me a proof of the golden pinto decal w/horse and it's awesome . I will get some made now that a know the dimensions , I'm going with one on forks and one on my PMR chain guard too ! Thanks , Angelo
    Hi Chipper..
    Just replying about the Vintage Foremost Golden Pinto decal.
    I saw one but it didn't have the horse on it. If yours does, I would be very interested in one. It is a 3 inch on the fork.
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