4 rider mini bikes

Clearing up some bikes in the shed i dont/wont really ride.

All 4 are good running bikes that run good and stop well. I have went through all of them in the last 2 years at some point. Replaced anything that needed to be replaced on all of them. They all have less then an hour on the motor since oil change.

The trailblazer is a nice survivor, i have the original engine. The original engine idles (poorly) and as soon as you hit the throttle it dies out. I made the chain guard for it.

700$ obo

20190609_145918.jpg 20190609_150106.jpg

The bonanza runs and stops great. Original chain guard. Its a nice bike to restore, lots of original parts on it. I always liked the way it sits so i never did anything to it looks wise.

650$ obo

20190609_145925.jpg 20190609_150101.jpg

I picked up this broncco recently in new New Jersey this spring as a roller. Tires are the original and in great shape. The tank is in great shape, no rust at all and. Seat is a nice original seat with no tears. It runs good and brakes work very well.

600$ obo

20190609_145946.jpg 20190609_150111.jpg

And finally the powerdyne. I built this bike in the spring. Did everything to the bike, new tires, tubes, engine, clutch brake, axels, throttle, chain, paint, etc..

700$ obo

20190609_145942.jpg 20190609_150057.jpg

I dont really need/ have the room for 20 or so bikes so it would be nice to get rid of a few. I wont part any of them out and ive never shipped a complete bike. I wont break these bikes down like the rollers ive sold/shipped. So if shipping id really prefer not to but if i do i need someone who is knowledgeable at shipping a complete bike.

I know windber is coming up and i wont be able to go but maybe i can tag a bike along with someone who is going from out by me.

Thanks omb