4 Rupp Chain Guards

Not sure of model/fitment. Bottom/Left one has a small crack on the mounting tab as seen in the last, close up, photo. Bottom/Right one differs from the others as it has a single hole instead of a small bracket secured with two rivets, like the others. Part of a Rupp parts stash I bought. $20 each + shipping or meet up/pick up. I’ll also ship them for free if you want all of them for $75. -Thom
45C766A6-0D1F-47ED-805A-A2CC37353B8B.jpeg 025565E4-EEB2-454E-8790-246B009EDA4F.jpeg 8BB964E9-BBD0-4E3C-AA1A-B23D0A6206E2.jpeg 745B0BF7-2793-4EC5-B6C7-CB1FD38E931B.jpeg