7.8 Generac engine

I have a 7.8 Generac engine for sale if someone wants it. I'll be willing to make a small pallet and attach it for shipping purposes if anyone's interested in it. It will need a gas tank and an oil pressure switch. The OPS looks like one of the screw in types from a small block Chevy. I removed the old one because it was broken. I fashioned a plug out of a bolt and put that in the hole. It runs great and I did an oil change on it but will probably have to drain the oil and remove the filter for shipping purposes. Anyway, $80 plus shipping. I can get a weight on it if you're interested and my zip code is 33898. If you want the barely used 3/4 clutch with it, price will be $100 plus shipping. Thanks. I'll shrink wrap it to the pallet.