a couple of engines for future projects

I will quit when all the vintage engines are gone 'cause I will not use the Chinese crap. So I picked up a couple more vintage Briggs the other day. Both are 3HP , one's a '68 model and the other is a '70, and they both appear to have originally been orange. Both turn and have compression but I have not checked for spark at the plugs yet. I grab all I can find at a reasonable (cheap) price. These two were $25. Neither recoil works but that is to be expected. 20190913_110956.jpg
I tore into the 5HP and found that it looks like new inside. I bought a gasket set, points, and a new recoil spring for it. It will get painted and reassembled with new decals.


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I put vintage engines in because they are vintage bikes.
I don’t judge, people are free to build their bikes however they want.
Good answer. I am doing a resto-mod and I do not have a period correct HS40 for my Rupp either. I plan on seeing if the 90's model cyclone style recoil works. It looks like it is also missing some carburetor linkages too. I may clean it up and see if I can get it to look somewhat period correct with an 80's model recoil shroud and recoil since they look more period correct. As to performance I have an H50 on my Arctic Cat Prowler re-power from a Sachs engine which most likely blew up and it takes a bit more tinkering with to get it to run decent than the Predator 212cc on the DB30 1st Generation Doodle Bug which always runs great and makes for a powerful minibike.