Aggie 98 basic roller for $ale

Greetings enthusiast!

I have had this Aggie 98 for a number of years and I haven't made a move to restore it yet so I'm offering it to you for sale.
I want "and believe it's very worth" $350.00 for it. I have the rear OEM rim and axle for it as well plus I will throw in an old briggs with the deal too! The frame is pretty darn straight but the fork sliders have a slight "very fixable" bend in them. It does have the OEM bars as well as the bar clamps and fork nut & bolt.
I an also provide at a later date a template or measurements for the OEM seat base as well. There are a number of seat pictures for this on the web and here on this site to reproduce an OEM seat!
I used to spectate and later on raced BMX and then Speedway motorcycles at Ascot park in Gardena Ca, and that's why I got hooked on the King O Lawn brand mini bikes. I have one 98 and one 97 that I will eventually get to restoring, and this past year completed a K O L step thru mini bike which one may find some pic's of from the 2018 Joe's mini bike reunion posts.
I will ship it at the buyers expense and I also have a paypal account; and cash is king as they say. You can certainly pick up as well if your willing to drive to No. O.C. in So. Cal.
I am not in mini bikes to make a profit and am asking my original purchase price for this rig.

Best regards and Happy New Year


I'm thinking I will go to Mac's soon and get tires and a sprocket and make this Aggie 98 an actual roller so someone out there may be more inclined to buy it!
What do you think?