Another derelict added to my collection ( speedway) ?

Hello everyone, added this to my collection of derelicts that I will 'some day" get to. I believe its a speedway but not sure on the model. Obviously missing a lot of pieces, Clutch,driven clutch & jackshaft, clutch cover, handlebars.
Any ideas on model, year, colors ? also where to find serial #. maybe pics of one completed. 20161221_095444.jpg 20161221_095450.jpg 20161221_095453.jpg 20161221_095457.jpg
It is a speedway, Love those bikes! Great handling but kinda hard to find parts for the front forks. ATKrider may be able to help but have not seen him post recently.


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1971 speedway scorpion. Wrong engine and missing tank and clutch cover. The chrome might clean up cause it was painted. Sometimes if your lucky they paint over the chrome. The numbers on my bike are on the top frame next to the head tube. It should be stamped into the steel. Should be a hs40 tec engine.
Thanks for the info Vic. I found the serial number ( 41068 ) after scraping away the thick layer of red ghost flame paint.What has me puzzled is all Scorpions I see have the turned up frame behind seat and mine is just at a slight angle up, What gives? Maybe a later Scorpion? does the serial # tell us anything? Thanks.


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On the turned up seat rear portion... 1970 and 1971 had the rear tube turned up. then 1972 and 1973 had it turned flat at the rear of the seat on the scarab/shrike and similar models.


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The 72 scorpion was grabber green. the 72 shrike was orange late 72 shrike was black. the 73 was red and black. The 72 scarab was Bahama blue. the 70 scorpion was Acapulco gold or candy red. the 71 was grabber green vandy red possibly Bahama blue.
72 scorpions and scarabs were available in red, blue and green not just green. 73 all frames were black. 73 had a riveted serial number tags instead of stamped. Never go by a brochure to verify what a mini bike company did in production as brochures were put out very early before production ramped up and things usually changed.