Another DOA ID mystery....


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Thank you all for the help... I am getting used to needs to get it running again I have the Briggs covered, but I'm too new at mini bikes to know what I need. It appears that someone put a pretty Janky and home made friction foot operated brake ( see the #2 pic) on this bike and I think it used to have a drum style inside the sprocket. Is a dished out sprocket a sure sign that this is what it ran? anyone have pics? I have no problem converting to Hydraulic disc, in fact I'd kinda like to... Have welder will mod! turns out my office very close to Go Powersports for parts.
Nice bike, my dad has a Fox doodlebug. Pretty sure his did have a drum brake inside the sprocket initially.
He converted it to live axle with hydraulic disc brakes
Saw one online today that was factory with a caliper on the sprocket! I don't see room or a disc and really don't trust a drum. It's so rough I think i may try the sprocket brake with a hydraulic caliper.