Any advice on parts for putting my bike together cheaply

Just picked up a taco 22 frame. Bare frame. I need forks,wheels and some things to make a predator work in it. Already have the motor.

Any advice on how to get this together cheaply? I want it to have less torque so I'll have to get a rear gear to accommodate that.and I want a rear slick.and a straight pipe on the predator. Those are my only 'must haves'

Figuring I may have to run some other type of fork in it since a taco fork would run me a lot of dough.


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I would go with OldMiniBikes warehouse... usually your best bet. They have everything you need and super fast shipping to boot.

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OldMiniBikes will have the header, slick, cables, wheels. Somebody was making the forks on face book and I know they are in Cali. I'll see if I can find his name. Also try Tacominibikes web site.
Taco forks are too costly.

I was thinking a cheap set of new Azusa forks.i don't know if they will fit though or if they use a spring?

What do you think about the black nylon wheels? They kinda look like little NASCAR wheels. I know they are plastic but I'm trying to put this together as cheaply as I can and then get nicer stuff later on.

What jet do I need when I change the filter and pipe? I don't like the kits because they pipes look crappy so I will just buy the stuff individually
To me that's expensive. Considering it's at least another 75 for the legs I think. For a fork. I think a brand new one is less than that.

I did finally get some numbers off the frame but it had welds on them so the best I could do is make out three numbers that look like '650'. That was UNDER a weld so I consider that lucky to even see any at all.

Probably going with the Azusa nylon wheels that look sorta like little race car wheels, and a new Azusa for since they are 40$ brand new. Just not sure if the brackets are going to fit the taco neck.
Tacos arnt really a "cheap" bike to build.. so oldsledz has a valid point there. If you just want to "make it work" then go on Craigslist and find a cheap roller. Make the wheels work and cut up a fork to make it work. Generally a few rollers pop up near me from 100-150 in a couple week span.

Wheels are expensive. Forks are expensive. Good luck, hope you find what you want for the price your looking for [emoji106]

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I agree on buying a roller. Trying to piece together any bike, even something on the cheaper side like a Bird, will drain your wallet pretty fast. I've bought nearly complete bikes to complete another, then sold what was left and made all my money back.

It's a lot of work, but I have all the time in the world. Money? not so much
I agree with the 'tacos are not cheap'. Totally agree

But some nylon Azusa wheels are like 30 each,and a Azusa fork is like 40. Plus some tires don't seem too bad.

No tollers her come up that are worth a damn. They are all really really expensive,or a tweakers jacked up pile of crap that they should be paying you to haul away.
My guess is after both wheels, tires, sprocket, what ever rear hub you'd need for the rear wheel, you'll have atleast 125+ in them. Unless you go and get the cheapest tires you could find for them that are very small on the rim, then maybe around 100. so why not pay a bit more and get steel wheels with the correct tires and a sprocket that gives you the option to put a brake drum in? Are you getting a clutch brake for 50$+? Probably find an Azusa drum for half that for the kit above.

I know you want the taco going, but if everything on the bike but the frame isn't taco what is the point in building it for cheap? It's not going to be a "pure" taco, might as well sell it and get a bike further along that you will have less money into. Just food for thought, I have a few bikes far from natural that I got going (and have a lot more $ in). I just figured out it's cheaper to build some bikes then others.

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Dude when did I ever say I wanted it to be pure?? I think I said the opposite actually.

And when did I say Totally cheapest humanly possibly?

Obviously the bigger the wheel the more money. Obviously I am not putting on 4 inch wheels.. not sure why going smaller wheels would be mentioned.

And because the frame is much better looking than any other frame to me. That's why.

I'm not sure why I'm getting all this instead of folks naming out parts, nevermind. I'll end up just doing this on my own
Would be nice to get info on where I can buy forks,who has them,what size tires to run, how wide of a rear wheel and what type of go-kart tire,

im not well versed here,can I delete this thread? Because it does not contain info on anything I asked.

Yes,125-150 is about a right guess. No one ever considers the area others are from. For 125, that doesn't buy you any bike with anything worth using. Rusted crap steel wheels and bent forks is what that buys you usually. I'd rather have new non bike specific parts than crappy non bike specific parts.
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I never said smaller wheels, I've made the mistake myself of buying the cheapest TIRES I can find and I screwed myself.

People don't know you yet here, when you just "dismiss" post where people are trying to help then others don't want to help. A few people chimed in and you dismissed them, even laughed at them.

Ive also made the mistake of trying to save here and there and it bites me somewhere else on the bike. like buying a cheap set of wheels and spending way more after it's all said and done because I didn't factor in brakes, axels, etc when I could have gotten cheaper from a kit.

I have personally done well finding bikes for good deals. BUT, I also spend a lot of time searching for them. I check Craigslist, letgo, offer up, Facebook, daily. If it's a good deal, it won't be there tomorrow. There are deals everywhere, you just need to keep checking. Lots of people search everyday for them so they go away fast.

I will stop responding to this thread, my view of it was to rob a cheap roller for parts. That's not what you want and that's fine. I don't own a taco so I don't know exactly what fits it (what size fork works, what size wheels are best, etc) so I can't help you there. I just thought to get is going on a lower budget is to get a roller.

Good luck!

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Rollers here are expensive,just for steel wheels I could buy new for less. Mini bikes are not really popular here. Mostly those new motovox style or pocket bikes. I don't know anyone here that's into the old style mini bikes.

As for brake I'm going to just make a scrub brake like stock so I don't really have concerns with that besides that I want to run a sprocket that won't flip me over so I need to cut torque down.

I havnt dismissed anything,no one has really said anything besides visit mob which I already know of and they don't really have anything that anybody else doesn' like info on what size of tires can be put on 5" rims,can I put a slightly wider rim in back and tire also? Skinny go-kart tire? Someone have used forks that fit? (Any brand) this is the stuff I'm curious on.

Need to find the parts to a stage 1 predator kit by thrmself because I don't care for OldMiniBikes's crappy thread in muffler header that comes in the kit.