• Would you give me picture examples of the old style doodlebugs versus the newer ones? I think I have an older one?
    Mr. Manchester1,
    Someone said you make minibike seats for a Baja doodlebug. I wanted to know if this is true and how much one costs? I am building one right now with no seat. Hope to hear from you.
    Hi All,

    I just joined the group and wanted to say hello, I picked up an old 70's The Cat mini bike but have no clue which model it is, I would love your help in figuring it out.
    Today 07:34 PM - permalinkF05049
    You did an amazing job, I'm impressed !!! If you don't mind what kind of $$$ in a project like this?
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    There might be a thread with that information. Search the threads. I won't be able to dig that bike out until the weather is nicer. I would also check Tacominibikes.com, they might ship to Sweden,

    I wonder if its possible to get all the measurements of a frijole minibike from you? Pretty hard to get a frame here in Sweden so i will build my own frame ready for the summer!

    Thank you mister!
    /Fredrik Tegebro
    Thanks for the deal on the Trail Blazer chassis! I really didn't need another chassis but it'll probably hang with me for awhile...LOL!
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