Ape Hangers on the doodlebug

Hey guys,

Just thinking about doing something to put my db30 out there, different from the rest..... and it came to me..... APE HANGERS!

I am thinking about welding 20 inch bars on each side, i will have to get a much longer throttle cable, but if I go to the junk yard and get the steel bars, and have my friend weld them on I will be in business. Now i will have to have a suicide brake with the brake above the engine and below the rider, but other than that, i will have a doodlebug with apes! haha
i will let you guys know what up. and any ideas are welcomed! it was because of all of you I got this idea!
depending on the risers you use, you would drill 2 or 4 holes to mount them. aside from that, longer cables. that also allows you to fold the bars down for easy transport if you dont have an open bed pick-up.
Hello @dutch4541 ...welcome to the Oldminibikes.com forum !

Talk about ape hangers...those are up there.

It looks good though.

Be careful with that governor bypass...without a billet connecting rod , and billet flywheel, it won't go for long before the cast ones implode.