1. Does anyone know where i can find a baja Doodle bug rack?

    Does anyone know where i can find a baja Doodle bug rack?

    I need a rack for my doodle bug, i think its a db30. Can anyone help?
  2. E

    How to make 212/224 more tame for kids?

    I have a doodlebug with a 212 on it, 12T clutch, 65T rear. I also have a motovox frame that I'm going to be putting a 224 in, I have a 12T clutch for it, and it currently has a 75T rear, will probably change that to a 65T as well. I want to make these tame enough for my nieces and nephew to...
  3. E

    Baja 97cc cylinder head fastener torque specs?

    Anyone happen to know what the torque specs are for the cylinder head bolts on a Baja 97cc motor? I can't find anything google and I'd like to make sure I get it back close to OE spec at least.
  4. E

    Doodlebug 97cc throttle linkage.

    I have this , 97cc that originally came off my Doodlebug. Recently I decided to fix it up and slap it in another frame. I got it all cleaned up and back together today and I want to make sure my throttle linkage is correct. The spring from the throttle arm to the governor arm is always...
  5. Vince1974

    1968 fox Doodlebug

    I have a fully complete 1968 fox Doodlebug. Anyone interested
  6. Baja_brandon96

    SEMI-NOOB needs help with a DoodleBug!

    HEY ALL! My first post on here! Long story short, ive always wanted a minibike, and when i found a little green doodlebug for sale nearby with an electric scooter for $140, i jumped on it! Im out in the Poconos working in camp currently too. Normally in NYC where i live, these things are...
  7. T

    Doodlebug and Racer Chain Upgrade?

    Hi y'all I am plagued with #35 chain on two of our smaller mini bikes; Doodlebug and Racer (they have stock 212cc Hemi Predator swapped in) The chain get stretch like crazy. We made the new chain short as possible and adjusted the tensioner all the way forward ("loose") and adjusted the...
  8. M

    60mph doodlebug with 212cc predator. Is the price right?

    $550 212cc predator mini bike (1.8 hours) No governor Longer billet connecting rod Billet flywheel 18lb valve springs Chromoly push rods Mod2 cam Bigger carb K&N filter Straight pipe ARC throttle plate Under seat fuel tank Hydraulic disc brake Tachometer 2 piece aluminum...
  9. Itype2slo

    Cool doodlebug Out of my price range
  10. Z

    Doodlebug Tire Question - Heavy Rider

    So I did a little trading and ended up with a pretty nice little Doodlebug with the jackshaft kit on it and possibly some other mods I just haven't figured out yet. So here is my question, I am 6'4 - 310 lbs and I hear with the right setup I can ride this thing around with my kids that have...
  11. P

    doodlebug II seat is to short

    Hi guys: Has anyone figured out a way to move seat back ? Got the predator on mine and know I mostly sitting on the area behind the seat. I am 6" tall. How about adding an extra 6" or so seat cushion behind the OEM seat ? thanks for any ideas.
  12. L

    MCP rear hydraulic brake on doodlebug

    Has anyone run a mcp rear hydraulic brake on a doodlebug or have any pictures of a person that has? I'm trying to run a mcp brake with the stock disc and re-weld a bracket, just wanted to brainstorm some ideas off other members on this forum that have done anything similar, thanks.
  13. L

    Anyone run a sprocket guard on their doodlebug?

    I ride my mini bike pretty hard and throw the chain twice in an hour of hard riding. Mostly street riding, but when I hit a bump in the road at full throttle it may throw the chain. I currently run a 12t clutch 59t split sprocket with the OldMiniBikes split sprocket adapter. I was thinking about either...
  14. T

    What size tires for a Doodlebug db30s?

    So i wasnt sure what section this would go in, but what size tires fit on the stock Doodlebug db30?
  15. L

    doodlebug stock sprocket, doodlebug mechanical brake, tilly HL142A

    stock doodlebug sprocket 25$ shipped stock doodlebug mechanical brake 20$ shipped random tilly - 10$ shipped
  16. J

    Wanted: your old doodlebug DB30 forks

    I am looking for 2 sets of doodlebug forks. DB 30. ill take bent ones if they are free but otherwise looking for some takeoffs from yall who have upgraded your DB30s. nothing fancy, just need good forks. let me know thanks!!
  17. L

    Front hydraulic brake kit for doodlebug

    I know there are front brake kits for doodlebugs because I had one before... I think it was called ProMod front brake kit or something.. can't find them online.. anyone know what I'm talking about? I had them on my old mini forgot how I came across them, but they look like this...
  18. maknwar

    doodlebug sprocket adapter

    I'm looking for the one OldMiniBikes sells. Does anyone know if OldMiniBikes will ever get them back in stock? Does anyone else sell them?
  19. T

    13 hp doodlebug rebuild. The doodle demon

    I've had this doodlebug for 10 years now. I bought it new and after a few months I put a 6.5 predator (greyhound at the time) aside from mutilating the engine plate, throwing a can of flat black paint on it ,a couple sets of tires,and no brakes ( immediately burnt up) that's how I ran it for...
  20. B

    Frankenstein doodlebug

    my name is Brian and this is my ugly frankensteined doodlebug. Bought it this past summer... Modified Predator 212, tourque converter. Ugly but dangerously fast!