Azusa mini bike build with my kids

I've just made a few modifications to my Azusa.
First, and I know purists won't like it, but I've removed the Tecumseh HS50 engine. Carburettor was a nightmare to tune, always leaking despite everything was new. I've build this Mini bike to use it and I want it to start first time. It wasn't the case with the Tecumseh engine. It's on the shelf and can be put back on the frame if necessary.
I had a brand new 6.5 hp Honda clone engine in the garage. It starts first time every time and it runs great.

I've also added fenders and made a few modifications like welding small tubes on the frame for the cables. No more clamps that destroy the paint.
I've also disconnected the rear drum brake as either the wheel could't turn, either it wasn't braking at all. As far as I could read, it's a common problem with these drum brakes. It now has a band brake on the clutch which is much better!

It was build to be used and enjoyed, not to look at it in the garage. :)



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Clean, crisp build. Now that it has been a year or two, do you have any "dirty/used" pics of the minibike? It's still too nice looking haha.

I don't mind a minibike with asymmetry -- you make allowances so your chain will line up, etc., but this shows us that the Honda clone engines have a much larger 'footprint' than the smaller flatheads or engines with an upright cylinder and so you had to make a longer foot peg to compensate.

These engines sure are bloaty.