B.A.T. is rocking this week

I think it's been said before, BAT is definitely for the fat wallet crowd. Seems like every minibike auction there has at least one "Dumb and Dumber" comment.
You think almost $2k for a minibike is out of touch? Look up any old school ('80s-'90s) BMX stuff if you want to be sticker shocked...
Yesterday I sold a 1955 Ariel dirt bike on BAT for a longtime family friend. This was my sixth BAT auction. Her late husband's motorcycle had been sitting unused for ~20 years until I got it running for the sale. We were pleased with the outcome and the process was fun, as always. Next up will be her husband's fiberglass Jaguar replica kit car that has also been parked for a long time.

No Reserve: 1955 Ariel Red Hunter Scrambler