Baja 200 Warrior

Hello and welcome! If you want a Warrior, I'd say that would be a decent price on a good running clean one, but make an offer, like $400. A nice one would be around $600 in my area but I would never pay anywhere near that much for one. The condition of the rear tire and footpegs should give you a good idea as to how much it's been ridden. It's at least a few years old so look for deterioration such as dry rot of rubber parts. FYI: The Massimo MB200 is the same bike with a different name ($700). If you aren't set on a Warrior, I'd say buy something new for around the same money, such as the Coleman BT200X ($499 at Walmart), or spend more for a Mega Moto Pro Series 212 (currently around $800 from Amazon, fluctuates) or a TrailMaster MB200-2 (AKA: Monster Dog II, around $900).
We, my friends and I,have been buying the Baja Heat models cheap! We really don't care what condition they are in, since we are only interested in the rolling chassis. First we tear them down clean/paint the frame. Then a trip to Harbor Freight for a new Preditor 212 motor. Next we buy a VCT (torque Converter) and install it. The rest is just chain, sprockets,and cables. You end up with a bike that is 100% totally dependable, runs great, and you have less in it, and know what you have!