Baja Blitz Motor Upgrade

old shed finds

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What a steal for that mini! :D

Anyway, one route is a jackshaft, which simply allows you to lower the gearing without having to resort to a larger rear sprocket (which could get as big as the tire, which is pretty much a non-starter).

What I'd do is a little outside the box I guess... The H50 Tecumseh is a great engine that sorta falls between the Predator 212 and the current engine you have on it. I've done a Tecumseh H50 swap on a couple of those DB's. It makes the DB look like a real vintage mini (basically), and it's no harder than putting on a Predator. The power is much better than the stock unit, but not such that your kids will be doing 12-foot wheelies if they grab a bit too much throttle, lol....:D

Now, realizing you can't go to the store and buy an old Tecumseh engine, they're pretty common on cheap, old snowblowers.
Could be the ticket if you live in an area that might be snow blower friendly.
I agree with Daddy.John on this.....
The bike is on the smaller side and the 212 could get ugly if throttled up..
they pull the larger CT200 U to speeds and torque that can get spooky in some terrain. .
Stumbled across this thread I must say Wow! I'm totally impressed! Great job baj0411.
I've always enjoyed lurking the pages of OldMiniBikes this thread right here alone is so worth bein a supporting member of the forum! Can't afford not to support that which contributes so freely and generously to any and all that come here seeking oooh great words of wisdom...didn't take me long to figure out the vast knowledge here.
My thanks to all that have contributed to you Sir.
I must say I've learned alot just reading. I started with a couple Windows open, now with the links shared... yeah bout that I'm up to 38 Windows open! Looks like I'm gonna be up awhile reading... :scooter: