Baja mini bike throttle/Carb issue


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Hell Gents, new to the site and the mini bike hobby. I recently bought a few Bajas with the 196cc stock engines. One of the bikes I could get started. Once it started it wants to go. I can stop with by holding the brake, as it is a weak pull. After warm up, I close the choke and it shuts down immediately. I was eventually able to move the choke forward slightly while roll starting it and if O gave it gas it stayed on. Started trouble shooting and I saw that the little black fuel valve on the carb wasn’t really moving well when throttleing. The throttle cable is tight, and it looks like then the throttle moves backwards, the governor cable will pull the fuel valve slightly open, but it doesn’t close once throttle is released. Any known fix? Does it sound like the governor could be the problem by not properly opening and closing the fuel valve? Would that explain the stalling once the choke is closed? I also thought the pulling forward once it started may be the clutch? I took the carb off and cleaned it. Wanted to see if there was any other suggestions before I put it back on. Thanks in advance for any help guys.