Baja Warrior Forks Leaking From Base

Hey all! I know the Baja Warrior forks have been talked about and those threads were very helpful to find the top dust and fork seals. However, there are some kind of seals on the bottom where the inner rod passes through the fork tube and is secured by the allen head screw. I'm sure I could seal the screw with an O ring, but the oil seal is a very odd size. Something like 12x23x11 (ID, OD, Thickness). Does this seal have another name? Searching for oil seals or fork seals just brings up the top fork seals.

Bird Brain

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Measure the shaft dimension that goes through the 12mm i.d. of the seal you have measured. Then go and search Timken or National seal or your seal choice interchange listing by size. Search your shaft size then O.D., Width etc. See if there is anything close. A measured 12mm I.D. on a seal means the shaft size is larger to get the correct crush surface tension. Its an interesting read and not difficult to use. Hope you find a workable piece.