band saw

i picked uo a harbor freight verticle/horizontal band saw yesterday.

alot of assembly inolved, but seems well worth the $169 sale price.

That is a good little bandsaw for the garage. Mine is 10 years old and still running. It is great horizontally but marginal vertically. Make sure you replace the guide bearings as needed. I put a cooling pump and plastic sump on mine.


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harbor freight is hit or miss it seems. i bought a 4" grinder about two years ago for $15 on sale - i've used it to grind/cut just about anything and have no complaints. so i figured i'd try my luck on an 18v cordless drill, and it sucked.

the pressurized sandblaster i got from there is pretty decent too. i may look into that band saw...
i've got a 20 gallon parts washer, blast cabinet, powdercoat oven, 4" grinder, & a few other odds/ends from them. the only problem was the power switch on the oven, easily replaced.
i wouldn't buy any hand tools from them tho! :p

where do you get your blades for the band saw? looks like the 64 1/2" is somewhat common.