Bird Thunderbird Model and Dimensions

Hi OMB Members, I see these Bird mini's occaisionally on ebay and was wondering if anyone has one and could give me some dimensions of the bike. 1-Seat height from ground to top of the seat 2-Wheelbase from front to rear axle 3- Distance form front axle center to the top of the fork crown, I was thinking of putting a modern set of forks on it with a disc brake. Thanks Guys.



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This is the Nighthawk version circa 1981 spec sheet. Its just a little more dressed up version, but the framework is still the same (bars are taller than the T-birds) The frame never really changed from the beginning which was the middle 1970's up to later 1980's and Manco took it over. They sold it for a year or 2 like that and then it was redesigned. There were fork changes here and they some had solid forks, some were sprung, but the framework dims Never varied.

Thank you Markus, very kind of you. If anyone has the forks that are in the diagram Markus posted please measure from from axle center to top of the fork crown { I am guessing 20"-22"}. I believe I will be building a Resto-Mod Super Bird for the OMB build off this year and will be retro fitting some newer style forks with disc brake. Just need the fork size to see if this will work.