Bonanza BC1200 project w/many new parts for sale

Selling complete project. $500

Bonanza BC1200 Frame & forks (blue)
- 1 peg mount broke
- new trailing arm bushings
- new upper shock mounts included if rust on current ones bother you.
- orig (blue) fork the lowers are rusted in place
- second fork (black) complete with lowers in good shape.
- 2 new sets of chrome fenders
- new cherry brake levers
- 1 set of new sebaco moped shocks. Was told would not support my weight.
- 1 set of new chrome shocks after a lot of research that will work well for guys 200-250+.
- original shocks
- 1 set of custom chrome foot pegs if I fixed the mount on one side.
- 1 set of motorcycle pegs to screw into aluminum bar(threaded ends) if I went that route and decided to remove orig pegs and then welded bar in place.
- 3 new throttle assemblies
- 2 new throttle cables
- new wheel bearings
- 2 kickstands
- low hour original TAV2 30 Asymmetric
- set of (4) Astro wheels with Carlisle tires in new condition
- 1 new full sprocket
- 1 new Rocket sprocket qualifier series 74 for #35 chain
- very low hour complete Tecumseh 3.5 power sport engine (cracked case)
- replacement crankcase included to repair Tecumseh 3.5 Powersport

Engine and TAV were used for couple years sparingly ....then crankcase cracked. Sat in neighbors shed since 1993 until I got it a few years ago. Motor/TAV originally on an Azusa frame which I sold bc it was too small.

Any interest let me know.

Long Island, NY
Cell (516) 578-1828


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