Bonanza Mini Bike

Hi everyone new to the forum can anyone tell me what year/ model I've got? And how do you identify/differentiate models and years? Please excuse the sideways pic tried adjusting it a dozen times. Thanks for the help much appreciated.



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those were sold as in kit form as a "Kit 500" or if sold complete as a "BC 1000" they sold them like that till 1968, and then they were changing wheels and footpeg location, with that badge its probably right around 1967/68 timeframe originally.
BonanzaFunOnAndOffRoadFront (2).jpg
Thank you gentlemen rode mine for the first time today, I'm hooked and love it. Trying to find any info- looking forward to really getting into the mini bike craze but having troubles, anyone have any leads? Trying to pick up a couple parts also, kickstand for one and the brake pedal I'm sure must have a spring assembly the guy I got it from used zip ties. I'd like to replace it original. Thanks in advance for any help and info, appreciate you guys.