Bonanza Steering Bushings

Hi All,
I have what I believe to be an early '67 BC1300. I'm puzzled by the steering tube bushings. There is no shoulder and the bottom bushing is threaded (with the normal nut welded on the bottom of the lower steering flange).
Two thick washers take-up the space so the forks fit correctly.
Bonanza Fork Tube Bushing.jpg
Bonanza Steering Bolt.jpg
It appears "factory", but I wasn't expecting this. I would like to make it as it was originally.
Any ideas or comments ?


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the flange is broken of the bushing. they are 5/8 id x 3/4 od. cant remember offhand the depth that bonanza use, can probably just measure whats still in the neck. You will need 4 of them as there are 2 on the swingarm as well



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heres how I press those back in, this is on the Bonanza swingarm, but I do this on the headtube as hammering:

This works nice on the jackshaft bearings when you have good tight fitting holes still and the bearing need pressed in (how it should be), can do something similar in reverse as well, just wire wheel the bearing face thats proturding really well so rust/crust doesnt damage the hole when pressing it out.

Great. Thanks Guys. Makes sense that the fractured - you can see it's recessed and a bit ragged.
The bottom bushing looks threaded which doesn't make sense - Just an imprint trom the threads on the bolt.
I'll post a pic tomorrow.
I have all the bearings and bushings on order and will do a dry fit of everything soon.
Markus was spot-on - Thanks Marcus! Each bushing was fractured. I have the new bushings which are not as tight as I would have liked, but they are to spec.
I thoroughly inspected the frame, fork and swing-arm. I believe I'm through with any metal work and just some more preparation prior to primer and paint. It will still be too cold here in Oregon for a few months so the paint will need to wait.
Any suggestions on the chassis while I wait? I "dry-fit" the fenders, fork, swing-arm etc. and it all looks okay.
Thanks all IMG_2708.jpg IMG_2709.jpg