cheap live axle

I have been reading and looking around. It seems they are fairly expensive. Anyone have a way of doing them cheaper? I'm thinking the kits on ebay are about the cheapest way to go. Its not something I need to do right now but would like to sooner or later. I think mine is about 34" up to 38" but not sure if it would matter. I think wider than the front would look better. Any ideas? I dont have a metal lathe or the knowledge to use one. Seems like the axles run the most about 50. and up.
When I did my live axle, I used jr dragster parts, since there are many light and strong parts available for them.
They can get a little pricey, but if you shop around or buy used, you can save some cash.
They are usually 1-1/4” diameter axles, hollow. Brake hubs, sprocket hubs, wheel hubs, etc. are all readily available.

Or you can go with a 1” solid axle, and chase down 1” parts to go with it.
I wouldn't mind finding a 3/4" axle. It's just a stock 5 horse motor on a yard kart. I could use the hubs off the front. I changed out the front spindles. They are 3/4" and have keys cut in them. They look like their cast iron. I would have to drill new holes to bolt the rims on. seems easy enough. I don't think with a stock 5hp 3/4" axle would be to small. I don't know though.