CT200U 525.00 dollar figure. Top shape.

So I hit the 525.00 dollar mark on the Coleman... For all that has been following my post.
325.00 for the bike
200.00 in needed parts to get it into top condition...
I love to restore and fix these up so it's worth it to me.
Hillard clutch.
Jackshaft chain
Sunf front tire
Rear chain guard in correct red.
Both brand new foot pegs
... Still money ahead these and 600.00 and up in good condition where I live..
And my cat has a perfect sleeping pad on the rear rack ...When the bike is not in use...


I wish that’s all I had in mine

tillotson 250
Amazon tav and parts to install 100
Sunf tires 100
Front suspension kit 200
Chain, sprockets, wheel bearings 50 (maintenance)
New twist throttle and kill switch 20(damage from a crash)
Stage 1 kit 100
Bike 399

Almost 1400 into it and there is more I want to do to the engine. I love it. It gets ridden daily and it’s a blast to ride. Made it into the bike it should’ve been from the factory.

Maybe best or worst of all it’s turned my youngest daughter into a lover of 2 wheel machines. So maybe one day I’ll have someone to ride motorcycles with!
I've probably got well over a couple thousand into mine. I don't want to add up the receipts. o_O It basically looks exactly the same as in the pics now. The only change is I painted the TAV backing plate black as I was getting sick of it being the same color as the bike. The footpeg setup is about the only part of that bike that hasn't been changed or modified. Not much CT200U left really.