CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

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If you want a simple and super strong way to raise the engine, get this solid piece of aluminum. It is 1" thick and 4" x 7" long.
$22 with free shipping.
You can also fab something up using 1" square steel, if you have that. It won't be as stiff torsionally (resistant to twisting), but steel tubing will work.

Also, the mounting bolts in some of these cheap kits are metric and the engine has SAE threads. You might have to go to the hardware store and buy 4 bolts. They are 1" long and use a 5/16 Fine thread. I usually just get allen head bolts as they are stronger than grade 5 regular bolts. Check the bolt that holds the clutch to the crank. Sometimes you need to buy one of those for the same reason, metric in kit, SAE on crank. If the bolts don't thread easily BY HAND into the engine or crank, then you need different bolts. Don't force the bolts in if they don't go all the way in easily by hand. A lot of guys make that mistake, you don't have to :)
Good luck.

Danford1, you mentioned that the belt that comes with this kit should be replaced by a better one so what size/shape belt would be needed to replace it? I would like to use this kit on my CT200U and start off with a good belt.