destruction of the beast

Hello everyone here I'm going to be doing a little log of rebuilding and painting of my taco 100 mini bike. I bought this bike a while back planning to fix it up and make it look some what pretty again. Here are some pics of the tear down.
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Those welds were a pain to grind down and I think my air impact either froze or broke. Does anyone know why someone welded those extended bars on the swing arm. I think because the shocks are a little taller or maybe because they didn't have a jackshaft at the time. Any input if I should remove them or leave them on.
Any input if I should remove them or leave them on.
No idea why they'd be there. On my Taco 99 (essentially the same setup) I have one-inch longer shocks, and it's no problem at the stock mounting holes. :shrug:

Maybe larger wheels were on them at one time, and they needed clearance?

I'd get rid of them. I went with OldMiniBikes jack shaft setup. My favorite mini.

You sure got a nice bike there to mess with.
Good news is I took them off with an angle grinder and started to sand down the frame. Bad news is while I was sanding I noticed a little blood on my hand the cut is nothing more then a Ez superglue bond but whoa it was really close to cutting that Finger in half.


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Hey winter is over time to bust out the bikes. Here is this make shift gas tank I made out of mini propane tank looks good so far.
I have made a few tanks from propane bottles also... one word of caution: JB weld will eventually leak when exposed to gas / long term. I would use gas tank putty. So far I have used it with no issues. :thumbsup:
The l.p. tank is for my mini grill. Advise to be very carefull when handling these I removed the valve core when the tank was completely empty and let it sit for week. Before I drilled into it I lit my lighter by the opening where the core was and there was a little flame. :p there might be another way of draining all the gas out with water or something. But I drilled into it anyways with no big booms. The fitting is a fuel line and the cap was from the garden section of the store. Here's some paint primer I did today.
Good idea with the scotch bright pad I had a couple laying around the workshop. Here's some pictures of the paint time to dry and assemble tomorrow. Tonight ill tune up this tecumseh engine I can't believe it take 30w engine oil thats some thick stuff.