Detroit Mini Bike Gambler!! Sept 15th 2019

I know some of us Michigan boys have been talking about dirt racing here in the mitten. Well... we may be having trouble sourcing land to race on... but, on September 15th we'll have one day of redemption. I'm sure most of you guys know about this already, but, in case you don't, Coleman is hosting another off-road mini bike race (if you can even call a Gambler a race) on Saturday Sept 15th at 9am. I'll be there for sure.
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I talked to them some years back about ice racing with minis and they said get 6 or more and we will fit you in. A call is easy,getting a group to commit is the hard part. Dirt or Ice iam there!!
Pac, if we can find 4 more guys then i'm in FOR SURE. I do security work currently, and I am under a contract with the University of Michigan for the next 1.5 months at 84 hours a week (Yes... 84.. sadly..) but Saturdays are my day off, and I can take days off easily if I know about them a week or more in advance. I'll be taking off on the 31st and will be taking my mini to Milan... and then i'm taking off on Sept 15th for the Gambler. Oh... and I also got married last weekend... haha so the way I see it... if I can find time to race right now then ANYBODY should be able to! :-D

Hey btw.. if any of you Michigan boys have a used, not running, or plain roller Go-Kart chassis let me know. I'm in the market for something to keep my mind occupied on these 14 hour shifts every day!
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Just got new rubber for now... no more slick... lol... hopefully I can make it next month... gotta order them road tires this weekend...[emoji352]

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Cool... kinda far from here.. gotta get someone to drive... mini won't fit in my car... an the ole lady will be driving the jeep.... pics worked this time....

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Thanks bro... no probs wit the tire.. had to do some bearing replacement. And tweak my pull start... sounds like a blast.. gonna try to make it out there... trying to trade cars wit a friend... mini won't fit in my car an the ole lady will have the commander.. trying to talk into going...

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Well, I have some good news for this thread. I do contract security for a living, and my buddy that i'm working with tonight happens to have been on a security team for the Woodward Cruise in the past. He said he absolutely thinks traffic will be moving slow enough for mini-bikes, and he does NOT think the Police will have any issue with us doing so. So... who's down!?!?
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it's about 1/2 mile through the woods. it still needs a lot of work. we rode it last night on a CT200 and it's brutal, on both the bike and the people. needs some smoothing and maybe fixing the off-camber hill turns. probably should take down a few more trees too that are close to the edge.

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