Did Arco make Go Karts?

I picked up a go kart a few months ago. I was told it was a 1958 Bushwhacker or Bushmaster. I know Arco made Bushwhacker minibikes and was wondering if they also produced go karts. I'm posting this in the go kart forum also. Thanks!


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The answer to your question is yes, ARCO (Alexander-Reynolds Corp) made go karts.

But they were styled in a more svelte, conventional "racer" design and all welded for the most part.
Got any more photos of it?

It looks like it has non original parts namely the steering configuration. Looks more "fun kart/yard kart" than "racer kart".
About the only thing I do know about it, was that it was raced in south central Pennsylvania and central Maryland around 1959-1961


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Hory shet! o_O

Nice find in that ad and your original purchase. It looks identical to the advertisement and not messed with much, if any. Seat is gone of course but it wouldn't be too much effort to have an upholstery shop fab you up a pleated vinyl seat/seat cushion. The original seat was a slip-on affair [best I can tell] with a pocket on the seat back that simply slipped over the back rest.

A quick jaunt around the web showed much more documentation of the more primitive [see below] David Bradley karts [the sidewalk variety, looks like] and not much on your particular model.

9F8CF978-B660-493E-871B-218AFADFE2C3.jpeg 1FD43336-575A-49CE-BE07-1CE4021DB325.jpeg

I like how the pedals straddle the frame tubes and solve the problem of keeping the pedals in place with little wobble. Question though, does a child rider put his legs through the steering wheel hoop while an adult/teen rider puts his legs around the hoop and feet back into the frame? Even at this early era, it was still a man's sport as this Racer Kart and two-engine option evidences.

These karts scream 1950's era "Jet Age" if only from the "jet fighter" U-shape steering wheels.

Power Products (and Lauson) engines were purchased by Tecumseh around 1956. Is your engine 2 or 4-stroke?
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Favorite part of that Advertisement "Push Kart to Start"
No doubt! That one is belt driven and motive power is accomplished through tightening the belt on the pulley with a lever (just to clarify). Starting from a dead stop, you need every bit of edge you can get. :p

It's literally a roto tiller drive system.