Doodlebug problem

Does anyone have an idea what that terrible noise is? Was running fine yesterday. Than made that noise and died. Always starts up till it makes noise and dies.

Very easy fix. Remove the starter bolts and the starter. Pull the handle and see which direction the spring is being compressed. Remember this! . Remove the handle and slowly let the spring unwind. Count the number of turns the spring spins the rope disk. You will need to at least match the turns to tension the spring. Take the starter apart. Some have a snap ring or a screwed on plate. Disassemble the starter clutch. You do not need to remove the spring unless it is broken, or the way it is assembled and you have to do it. Spring can be bought if it is broken. Not a common failure.
Many times the starter clutch is made with four or more ball bearings free to move back and forth in a trough. Many times they can be the cause of the squealing as they are so dry and dirty they bind and do not release as they should.To keep the ball bearings in place to be reassembled, put a small dab of grease on each ball and stuff them back into the end of their race trough. Take photos as you take it apart. This will keep you sane putting it back together.
(You may just want to lube the one-way clutch if you can get to it.) Oil and grease will rot the rope. Keep them away from the rope. if you can.
Lube the one-way clutch with a light grease. Reassemble the starter clutch and its mounting. Wind the starter spring with the rope on it ( no handle.)
Once you have it under the proper* tension, you align the end of the rope with the hole for the rope in the starter housing. I hold it in place with vice-grips or hemostats. Put the handle on. Note how it was knotted from the factory. I always use Two knots to hold the handle on.
Make sure to wind it with enough tension that the handle will not flop around when retracted. ( vids on that on Youtube)
Re-attach the handle. Bolt starter back on. Your good to go. It should take 30 minutes to do.
It may sound scary but once you have it apart, you will clearly see how it works and why the starter balls and bushing is making that loud noise.
It is a common problem.
*The recoil spring is under a lot of tension. Please be aware of this as you can be cut by the spinning rope pulley if it gets away from you.
If you have to remove the spring, note how the captured end is mounted in its retaining slot. Note what direction the spring moved ( CW, CCW ) for normal operation.Never put your face directly over the spring under tension when it is not fully assembled.
If you do allow the spring to escape and fly out and fully unwind, don't think its trash. It is an easy job to wind it back into the starter housing.
Take your time and and look at what your doing.
I can not count the number of times I have had to repair a rope starters rope or a squealing one-way clutch assembly.
You CAN do this!
If that doesn't fix it, look into the clutch. I've had clutches cause the same noise. Fixed by taking off the c-clip and separating the clutch sections, then adding a light film of oil on the bushing.
Took apart the pull start everything seemed to be working and tight (pawls extending and retracting normally) Decided to take off the clutch and start it and it ran fine with no noise. I’m kinda surprised as this clutch isn’t very old maybe 40-50 miles. I keep it oiled. Is this repairable?
Bought some snap ring pliers took clutch apart greased with high temp red grease working good now!! Easy to take apart, I’ll do it this way instead of oil drip on shaft. Thanks for the help guys! I’m sure I’ll be back when I do the predator swap someday! My 3 wish list/shopping carts are at $500 on that!