Drag Racing Predator with Hyundai Frame

Brake is knife making forge metal. I know that shit from watching Forged in Fire. My favorite show. 1095 steel, formed in annealed stage, stuff welded to it, then forged with blow torch to cherry and dumped in water to make it spring steel. Hard as hell, can't hardly drill it. Glued on brake liner. Warped re-pop Gar-Bro wheel makes it bumpy, but it's old school cool, and will stop even the most powerful lawn mower engine within 500 feet easy.

Expanding Band Brake.JPG Brake and Liner Clamped.JPG Expanding Band Brake.JPG Brake Rigging Mock Up1.JPG


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F6B7383F-591A-409D-BBD4-40A453B52DA5.jpeg The more I use it, the more I like it. Drilling, cutting, tapping, in any metal. For $4, it’s an easy choice.


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So it seems I can add images, who knew?
Nice project, metal working is fun. I just got a loner 100 pound anvil and am searching for a chunk of Elm to mount it.
Cool machine. One of my three Holy Grail machines along with Engray-Maico Spitfire and a Powell.