Drivetrain Help Please !!1

I recently ordered a 420 clutch abs chain not knowing it wouldnt work with the back sprocket btw its stock 70-72 tooth. Cause before was useing #41 chain from Tractor supply from makeing previous 66cc bike motor kits and it seemed to work with the setup (even though now finding out it's set up for a 35 chain)
Anyways I have gx200 Honda clone motor that was problems that I got used was problems and bout used clutch from dude at same time but anyways ended up buying new predator 212 harbor freight now trying to set the drivetrain up and I am trying to s3e if any options then to keep spending money for this and that just to ride and try this new motor.
Here is recently what I messed up and bought.....

What should I do at this point exchange both or somehow can I make it work ...

there any options other then call I guess both companies since ordered a 420 clutch kit with a 40/41 10 tooth torque converter then i find the chart about bore chain pitch and all.