dude says to throw your Mikuni "out the window"

Everyone loves what they spent money on. Just ask 'em. Over the years I have heard about the lectron, but never used one. But for $800, it better do a whole bunch more than make up for someone's inability to tune a slide carburetor, because tends to be the only reason for not using one. They sure are pretty though.


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I think it's more like "Sponsored dude says 'throw your Mikuni out the window.'"

Lectron has been around since the mid '70s. My impression is that they started as upgrades for two-stroke bikes and quads. They can also be set up for methanol and can also be had in rather large sizes. Now much of the high-performance stuff has factory Keihin or Mikuni pumper carbs or EFI which does more than a Lectron can IMO.

I have an old 34mm Lectron that was given to me. No real use for it, but it might be suitable for a "street" bigblock.
Paul Gast put these on the map , in motorcycle dragracing . Needle is you main jet adjustment. They don’t not have a real idle circuit though. Can be up too 58mil in sizes , cheap not at all . If there was a better >>CARB<< for Dragbike Racing it hasn’t been invented . Note the words DRAG RACING . I Used them on my bikes for over 15yrs