Engine mounted on rear swing arm?

I found a pic on Pinterest of a custom-fab'ed minibike with the 6.5 Predator mounted on a long swing arm. Besides eliminating chain to frame clearance issues what would be the pros and cons of the set up? Would engine torque cause the frame to flex at the hinge point when hitting the throttle? Thinking of doing something similar because the idea intrigues me. Any thoughts on this?

joshua. c.

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pro: less chain derailment issues.

con: engine takes a beating, even if you don't. so it'll be hard to tell when you should slow down and the engine could take way more of a beating than you intend without knowing it.

this seems similar in format to a suspended seat and a rigid tail, so it should handle similarly. example: Manco Thunderbird.

that shock setup is odd, why 3?


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While interesting, the builder either doesn't know or care about the principle of have weight low in the chassis and also does not care if he rips his balls off when falling off the back by that hideous header pipe.
Fuel tank is no where near level, same for float bowl.
Center of gravity with rider would be bad news.