Found this cool bike today!!

Picked up this cool bike today all complete and original has been with the same owner for 25 plus years going to go through it tomorrow and get it going.

also picked up the ezrider NOS side cover with all the hardware and in the original bag which is pretty cool never mounted on a bike.


Very nice find Phil...!

A Sensation Mike Bike !

A Mike Bike was my first, and favorite mini bike.

My GrandDad gave it to me brand new, from the Paul Rose department store. Regularly priced at $119, GrandDad got it on sale for $99.

I can recall his truck pulling down his and Grandma's driveway, (that day in 1970 or 71) with my mini bike on it, like it was yesterday.

Enjoy your new bike.


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takes a old school 6v battery,but I don't like them. they can leak battery acid out of them and ruin the battery case. so fab up a newer square sealed unit and works good.