Fox or Speedway..or ??

Hey All!

New to the site but, have been watching & learning for quite a while. I picked up a roller from Denny the “Mini Bike Whisperer” at Portland this year and he said it was a bike from the time-frame when Fox/Speedway put their 2-company’s together so, he wasn’t sure if it was one or the other. It originally had a white Tecumseh engine on it but, that engine was re-appropriated for another bike before I got it.

I have seen a few bikes that had the fold-down Honda CT 70-type handlebars (like the Fox Sundowner) but, they had a Sachs engine. This one has me baffled unless they were trying to burn through their left over parts and created a “Factory Frankenbike”!! I would be happy to send more pics if needed. Any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks! Greg T.



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Thank you for your reply Marcus, Your info looks spot-on! Is this your bike....If so, would you by chance have any other photos, especially of the right side? Thank you again! Greg
Not mine, if you do some searching on the site there are a few examples that will show up though. I just choose that one because it shows the oval badge on the tank still like yours had at one time, some of them did not have that. I can tell you that these pre dated speedway selling out to fox and were in production while speedway was in full swing. that one pictured would be mid 1971 at the oldest. and the add is from the same timeframe as its out of a mini bike guide which was done and over with around 1973