Frame up Baja Build!

I've started my build of a Baja I picked up used! It has had many owners, and was abused to the max,so I got it Cheap! LOL I've stripped it down to the frame so I can paint the frame/wheels,and start from there! The 6.5 horse motor has good compression so I will go through it, to check for needed parts. I've also ordered a CVT for it to replace the primary chain drive. I will post pictures as the build progresses! IMG_3179.JPG IMG_3180.JPG IMG_3184.JPG IMG_3185.JPG
I've slowly got all the parts I need to rebuild the bike, but having a NON heated garage has slowed down the progress a lot. I'm waiting on a little better weather to shoot the primer on the frame, then the top coat. Once the frame is done, it should go together pretty fast. I also picked up a new motor at HF for 99.00 on sale so I will use it and rebuild the original motor into a modified one.
It's going slowly,but moving along! The frame (main) is finnished after a grind and re weld of all the welds on the frame,then shot it with primer,then a base coat of silver,and finally a top coat of Kawasaki Lime Green. My friend Tom did the pains,since I'm lousy at painting.


Is that an actual Comet TAV, or is it a knock-off? Just curious. Also, where'd you get those foot pegs? I like them!
It's a knock off! I can't tell any diffrence between the Comet and this one though? The foot pegs are for a 650 Kawasaki dirt bike. They both came from E Bay
The knock offs are fine right up until you add HP and/or get more RPM's out of the motor. They run the risk of blowing apart at that point. Ask me how I know lol