Gas cap

The 5HP Briggs uses the same gas cap as the 2-4 HP regardless of what that Amazon ad states. You want Briggs part # 298425 which has been superseded to # 493982S. (Do a search on eBay using that #) I would recommend staying with the actual Briggs OEM brand, not the aftermarket ones. In the past I have purchased some of the latter and about 1/2 of them leaked.


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The Briggs 791545 (the three-tiered cap) is constructed differently. It has a 'hub' underneath for the breather hole instead of just cardboard all the way across:

I like it better just for that feature.

On thing is certain, these tanks with the threaded caps are way better than the latter ones with the push-and-turn caps and no tank neck. Those leak something atrocious.