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I needed a gas tank for my vintage 80-81 Margay Expert Kart. They come with a molded plastic tank . I have brand new one , but can’t stand the way it looks . Its only item I am deviating from stock . I used 50/52 aluminum, that I bent on my cheapO harbor freight break . Had to modify it to make it work with out C-clamps . Made a cardboard template to get visual sizing . Ordered from Lowbrow Customs so fittings , 1/8” top hat weld bungs 4ea . Also ordered 4ea closed 5/16” top hat mounting bungs for tank mounting tank . E-bay-d a 2 1/2” aluminum non vented cap and bung . Tank is 6 1/4” wide . Bent/broke the alum sheet pre template , I can weld just about anything . But I bow down any aluminum welding artist . So with thee pieces I treked to my buddys house and let lay his jewelry on the tank . So I end up with one feed 1/8” out let a sight gauge on the rear portion of tank < Just two 90deg fittings and a clear piece of fuel line . On top fuel cap and a vent with roll over in line check valve . I haven’t machine polished it yet will get to that on final assembly later . Bottom picture is on my dirt race kart tank , so you can’t a visual on sight tube set up .



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I am dividing my time between the Margay , and I am building a Bearkat Twister . I am going to do a Stainless Stain tank on the BKT . I Have the pieces already the stock Briggs tanks are soldered together , not a fan solder but for my 1/24 drag slot cars .
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