Gasket set for 5hp

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I want to make sure about which gasket set goes with 130292 0793 01 81091407?
Complete Gasket Set Fits Briggs & Stratton 297615, 397145, 495603 4&5 HP engine
would that be the right numbers? Near as I can tell I need the 495603 set. I cant help wondering if the gaskets for all flathead 5hp engines are the same? It was a copy and paste so that is why the font changed.


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Got pics? I can usually tell by looking if I'm allowed to see before purchase.

The thing is, with those gasket sets they include usually three different thicknesses of sump/side cover gaskets [for adjusting crankshaft end-play],
and several different kinds of carburetor gaskets [different carbs] and an assortment of crank seals depending on whether you have a plain bearing or a ball bearing crankshaft. It really is a "one gasket set fits all"... but you end up with a few things that are not applicable to your particular engine.

TL;DR--yes, that stock number looks right to me.


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No, the date code is in the last set of numbers--in your case 1981, September 14. 07 is a factory code and assembly line, known only to Briggs and a few experts here and there, probably.

That should fit. The basic engine series for 5 HP and horizontal shaft is basically 130.000. So that covers a lot of ground. And yes, it looks like the right one.