GEM Intake Manifold

I have a GEM intake manifold. I got it with a bunch of other parts.
It is in the original packaging, part # G2241
I know GEM made intakes for 2-strokes and maybe some other engines. It doesn’t seem to fit any of the Tec and B/S engines I have here.
Does anyone know what engine this intake fits?
Thanks in advance.

While a lot of 4 strokes will use a fitting on the intake for crankcase ventilation or to run an external fuel pump, the small notch machined into it is for a 2 stroke pulse type diaphragm carburetor. GEM made some oddball adapters to fit mainstream carbs to uncommon engines and oddball carbs to mainstream engines but I can't think of a single 2 stroke with an offset hole such as that. The strange thing is, the pulse hole doesn't go all the way through to the engine block thus it appears to adapt a pulse type carburetor to a non-pulse block like a Tillotson 2 stroke alky carb on a briggs 4 stroke???.